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Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

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Product Version: 5.3.0
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPressnThis Google Maps Plugin for WordPress is the just advanced Google Maps plugin early and late created. We raised it the usage of treasured remarks out of hundreds over customers.nFeaturesnnFilter areas by customized fields, taxonomies & region information easily. Create more than one filters the use of backend.nDisplay posts, pages yet customized posts kind about google maps. You perform display multiple posts kind concerning a alone google maps.nAssign vicinity after thy submit without problems the use of meta container yet you very own customized fields. You may usage Advanced Custom Fields plugin to hand over region in conformity with thy publish so well.nDisplay posts information e.g title, content, excerpt, featured image, categories, tags, custom fields and custom taxonomies into infowindow. You just need according to utilizes placeholders after show this data.nDisplay posts checklist below the map or show posts information within the listing. You be able customise html effortlessly in imitation of integrate thine personal design.nDisplay posts and locations beneath chart into grid then list format. Visitor may change distribute at front-end.nAdd someone variety about records between region yet marker small print or display to them between an information eyelet hole easily. e.g fax, phone, email, website, etc.nImport unbounded area records out of CSV. You be able arrival anybody range regarding fields among the location. Assign categories according to you place the usage of csv. All CSV delimiters supported.nAssign more than one categories in imitation of a region then allow site visitors to filter with the aid of categories.nChoose in conformity with redirect to a area or show infowindow tidings of marker click because each posts and manually delivered locations.nA complete listing module in conformity with filter, sort, impress then superior search box in accordance with filter posts yet areas by way of zip, address, city, country, put up tile and area title or categories.nListing module is ajax primarily based for quickest ask experience and usability.nSearch posts and areas close by inside definitive radius. Customize radius settings into the backend.nFilter locationsmarkers by means of category concerning the map. Ability filters according to a couple of categories at once.nSort record by using title, address or class of both flourishing and descending order.nPrint filtered area listing. You execute rule stamp option with the aid of backend.nPlaceholders to alter place list information without someone programming.nEnable yet disable ask form, category filter, print option, choice selections into the backend.nListing module is pagination supported. You can figure out # regarding posts yet places through web page the usage of backend setting.nAsk start region and cease place beside traveller according to show earth directions. Click of marker after automatically enroll start location. come driving, bicycling, strolling yet transit dwelling information.nVisitor execute get ground instructions within both miles or kilometre.nDisplay start location enter so textbox then select box stuffed together with your locations.nDisplay stop location enter namely textbox yet pick box crammed including you locations.nAbility to display penurity Start and End vicinity among instructions tab.nGet nearby places within definitive radius the usage of google locations api.nDisplay Circle round services found the usage of google places api.nEnable marker clusters condition ye have even much locations. Just activate or the plugin desire cope with the rest.nYou do apply marker clustering over both posts and locations. Marker fascicle wish remain updated robotically regarding filtration.nChoose marker lot icons then mouseover icons after improve user experience. x marker fascicle patterns are availablenChoose marker cluster grid altar yet max zoom level.nCreate routes within the backend and display them of front-end. You do deliver a shade after every route. Visitor execute showhide routes of front-end the usage of ground filter form. You be able show multiple routes of a google maps.nCustomize Stroke Color, Stroke Opacity, Stroke Weight, Travel Modes, Unit Systems, Start Location, End Location or access points to propagate a route.nMake course draggable yet optimize waypoints in imitation of endorse the beneficial viable route.nAssign waypoints after the route. Searchable area listings is brought to commend waypoints in accordance with the dwelling quickly.nAdmin may make up somebody wide variety of circles, rectangles, polygons and polylines or show them on google maps. Shapes are clickable.nDisplay an infowindow of click on on a shape.nRedirect in imitation of a vicinity concerning click on of a shape.nDelete alone shapes or modify property of the form via choosing on click.nDraw some quantity of shapes regarding the map yet save entire regarding to them together.nUse thy own coordinates according to compose shapes.nApply exquisite Google Maps patterns from along a easy replica yet paste.nYou perform create your very own custom patterns as well because of roads, labels then geometry because thine very own google maps skin.nFetch locations from external data sources e.g custom tables and API then automatically entrust after chart using hooks.nAbility in imitation of bring latitude, longitude, city, country, administration and zip code mechanically so thou kind an address within the enter field.nManage parent-child categories.nAssign you personal markers to classes then choose out of +500 readymade markers.nAbility according to ask within icons listing in imitation of find appropriate icons yet commend after a class quickly.nUsing placeholders e.g {marker_title},{marker_address},{marker_message},{marker_latitude},{marker_longitude}, customise the body regarding the infowindow message.nDisplay infowindow concerning marker click on then mouseover.nOpen infowindow now page assign except click on then mouseover.nModify infowindow contents by means of hook using programming.nClose infowindow about marker click. You be able disable this feature between the backend.nApply Bounce Animation of marker click or mouse over.nApply Drop Animation regarding marker when she show over google maps.nChange zoom level concerning the chart about marker click because of higher visibility.nDisplay multiple KMLKMZ Layers about the map.nDisplay large variety on data over the map the usage of fusions table. The good path according to square great units about data.nDisplay actual era site visitors stipulations yet overlays the usage of Traffic Layers.nAdd roadster path data in conformity with you maps the use of the Bicycling Layer.nDisplay physical maps primarily based about plat information.nAbility in conformity with display more than one layers together of the map.nSet height, width, zoom level, map type, enabledisable scrolling wheel, draggable religion then pray 45ø imagery.nMaps are totally soft-hearted or alter mechanically according in imitation of device.n(Optional) Assign core axle yet longitude in conformity with the map. By default, center area is mechanically deliberated based totally concerning areas assigned according to the map.nCenter the map based regarding visitor?s contemporary location.nDisplay a association round the center location in conformity with spotlight core location. Set property about the circle.nAssign multiple locations according to the map the usage of searchable listings. Listings is paginated if ye hold heaps regarding locations.nShowHide Zoom Control, Full Screen Control, Map Type Control, Scale Control, Street View Control, Overview Map Control yet determine the role concerning the controls upstairs the map.nHide markers about page burden or show them afterwards filtration only.nDisplay avenue try over the location. Setup POV Heading or POV Pitch about Street View after customize Street View yield of a location.nDisplay overlays and customize resemble color, wrap width, wrap height, font size, answer stutterer or border style.nEasiest way in accordance with monitoring panningdragging therefore the chart stays within definitive venue the usage of monitoring panning settings.nDisplay GEOJSON information the usage of URL easily.nDisplay maps into a mixture over regular and moon views.nDisplay Google Maps among sidebars the use of widget. You execute display any quantity regarding maps of the sidebar.nDisplay categories, directions, routes, and close by tabs collectively about a google maps.nDisplay location counts along category name. or type categories by range of area assigned.nKeep backup on locations, routes, maps and categories.nYou do commend permissions in conformity with you users according to rule thine location, categories, routes yet maps.nAbility in accordance with utilizes External Database and Sources in imitation of add markers regarding Google Maps using instant filter wpgmp_marker_source.nAdd more than one Google maps concerning a page. Each map wish bear own properties.nA pass browser well matched plugin. Fully tested concerning IE8, IE9, IE10 yet every mean important browsersnMultilingual Supported the usage of .po files.nMultisite Enabled then capacity in accordance with spark off that network wide.nnGDPR COMPLIANCE GOOGLE MAPS PLUGINnVersion 5.0.4 is GDPR COMPLIANCE READY. You be able show google maps regarding thine internet site problem free afterward twenty fifth May 2018 as well. This plugin desire hundreds google maps API & google maps once visitor wish accept the cookies policy, privateness coverage & time period & condition. No scripts and maps desire be loaded until you visitors? acquiesce cookies.