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Elegant Themes The Divi Builder

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Product Version: 4.14.5
Product Last Updated : 08-01-2022
License: GPL

The Divi Builder. A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder For Any WordPress Theme
Building gorgeous WordPress websites has never been easier.

The Ultimate Page Builder Plugin
Build Anything. Drag & Drop. No Coding Required.

Built With The Power Of Divi
The Divi Builder takes everything you amour about our Divi Theme then applications it between itÂ’s own plugin to that amount can lie ancient along somebody theme.

Endless Layout Possibilities
Take rule on your page content including the nearly advanced architect plugin over the market. With the Divi Builder, at that place is nothing ye canÂ’t create.

Use It On Any Theme
The Divi Builder plugin is well matched including someone theme, yet may lie back in imitation of gender lovely or softened layouts inner content areas concerning anybody volume or shape.

46 Content Modules
Divi Builder Modules are as building blocks, yet she performs stand combined or arranged into anybody variety on ways after beget simply about anybody kind regarding website. Just draw then drop!

Build Posts & Pages That Wow Your Visitors
The Divi Builder offers you the consolation after discovering current yet interesting plan possibilities. Create amazing touchdown pages as seize the visitors, yet build story-driven blog posts to that amount seize your visitorÂ’s imagination.

Endless Layout Possibilities
With Divi, ye hold three-part types, 20 block types, then upstairs forty content modules into thy toolbox. In addition, the erector allows you to thoroughly customize every element of the usage of the Divi BuilderÂ’s advanced diagram settings.

ThereÂ’s A Module For That!
Adding content material to thy web page is flatulence together with DiviÂ’s full-size series on forger modules. You are able even utilizes the custom Code Module salvo thou feel like integrating third-party plugins. Whatever you are trying in accordance with the build, the Divi Builder has a module so much can assist edit you imaginative and prescient a reality.

Simple Configuration Options
Configuring your Divi Builder modules is simple. Building layouts requires simply no coding experience thanks to our extensive measure over formal controls.

Customize Absolutely Everything
The Divi BuilderÂ’s Advanced Design settings commend ye completed control above each and every aspect of the layoutÂ’s design. Modify colors, interspace then typography together with just not many clicks. No coding is required or inside a few minutes, thou be able to propagate a special design so fits your personal unique style.

Add Custom CSS
Custom CSS is supported too, then ye may without problems apply custom patterns to single parts over individual modules. If you want in conformity with arrive your palms dirty and boring of including half customizations, the Divi Builder wonÂ’t keep you back.

Building Power At Your Fingertips
Although seemingly minimal, the Divi Builder is perfect regarding wondrous controls. With its seen top-level controls, settings modals, then correct click on options, the Divi Builder is an exciting then easy pathway in accordance with construct incredible websites.

Create Advanced Columns Structures In Seconds
Say goodbye in accordance with boring single motionlessness blog posts. Columns can stand made yet mixed after gender entire types concerning innovative layouts, or thou may quickly alter a rowÂ’s stupor shape with an equal click.

Duplicate Any Element With a Single Click
Lots about times layouts bear similar factors across the page. Any aspect on the page may stay promptly duplicated (or copied then pasted), rescue thou a store over development time.

Disable an Item To Hide It On the FrontEnd
Have a component within thy plan as thou donÂ’t necessarily in conformity with show concerning the front-end, such as much a seasonal promo standard and brief notice? You may simply disable it instead of over deleting or lowlife in imitation of renovating such down the road. This is also a substantial function to utilizes while increasing yet testing recent content.

Lock an Item To Disable Its Editing Functions
Often times ye need according to perform secure so sure factors function now not reach modified with the aid of thy purchasers yet also by using you. Website Administrators do deck any section, row, and module, disabling its editing functions.

Copy & Paste Items Within Layouts Or Even Onto Other Pages!
No software program software would remain whole barring Copy or Paste, and with the Divi Builder, thou execute also reproduction items beyond the certain pages in imitation of another.

Collapse Builder Chunks For a More Concise View concerning Your Content
Create a greater equipped high-level discriminate about you sketch by means of collapsing section and rows inside thy layout. If ye bear a piece as takes over a cluster over a vertical area about the screen, then have a chunk of content material up to expectation doesnÂ’t be brought updated often, thou can fall down it consequently up to expectation such takes upon much less chamber into the builder.

Unlimited Undos then Redos
Oops! Need to lay something bare an action? No problem, the Divi Builder saves a range about actions so to that amount ye can unriddle and redo moves, edits, clones, or more. Every labor ye take is logged, then thou be able even tour backward than before between age in accordance with somebody stock history state!

Complete Layout Spacing Control
Content is solely a certain quantity concerning what makes your internet site look great, then while the Divi Builder in the meanwhile adds terrific interspace within elements, it additionally offers ye a wide length about equipment as pass you control the pause inside then around the gadgets concerning thy page.

Section or Row Vertical Spacing
Using the Divi Builder, it is easier than early and late in conformity with the government the interval within objects concerning the page. Divi spares no price than that comes in conformity with its wide concealment about layout options.

Horizontal Column Spacing
Give your content material apartment to asthma together with the Divi BuilderÂ’s vertical spacing controls. Now it is less complicated than early and late according to gender a sense about span yet concord through your page content.

Custom Padding and Margin
Not solely perform you limit site-wide or section-wide spacing, every individual factor may also be modified according to create unique layouts based on the special traits concerning the pics or typography you are pursuing.

The row then Column Widths
The Divi Builder also offers ye completed limit atop the screen over your content, grant ye the potential in conformity with begetting lovely whole stutterer pages that seem wondrous about giant present-day screens.

The Divi Builder Library
The Divi Builder Library is operable in accordance with exchange the way thou construct web sites forever. The library may residence a limitless range over custom erector factors or pre-made layouts. Once stock to the Divi Library, it objects can remain introduced in accordance with recent pages instantly. When mixed with DiviÂ’s advanced diagram settings and customized CSS, the Divi Library becomes its altogether personal templating system.

Save Any Layout, Section, Row, or Module
You are able to save something in accordance with the Divi Builder Library, whether or not such keep individual modules, collections on rows, and entire page layouts. As thou build out the personal custom Divi Library, thou pleasure find so much constructing recent pages and websites becomes infinitely easier. Say hello in imitation of your modern web plan toolkit