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Fancy Product Designer


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Product Version: 4.7.4
Product Last Updated : 28-12-2021
License: GPL

The Fancy Product Designer pleasure enable you yet thine clients by the plan or personalize anybody sort of product. Limited solely using you imagine that offers you utmost ease among finding out as merchandise and which components of the product do keep customized.

Customers bear no limits and are uninterrupted among brainchild clothes, merchandise, printings, things concerning their everyday existence, and much more. Below are incomplete examples because of the usage of the production fashion designer plugin.

No Limits
The Fancy Product Designer wish enable thou yet thine customers to the graph, however, customize somebody variety concerning the product. Limited only through thy imagination it gives you ultimate comfort in identifying which merchandise then which components of the manufacture do stand customized. The functions, applications, or consumer interface over the Fancy Product Designer are flourished in imitation of add everything ye should need, by sketch somebody type over product, in the specific odd plugin.

Helpful Layer System
A flexible dictation up to expectation approves thy customers according to power alone layers on the whole layout then helps by maintaining music about utilized texts, pictures, then graphics. Through beneficial purposes like locking or shifting layers over later down, brainchild merchandise is also extra simple.

Individual Product Views & Upload Zones
Allow clients in conformity with accumulating their designs in imitation of distinctive aspects about the same product, because of example the turn or returned concerning a t-shirt or to the sleeve.
By placing an interactive Upload Zone, thou decide, as facets then spots concerning the manufacture do be designed via your customers. It event as much abounding container for brought factors then perform contain a customized placeholder image. A click on over that picture opens a dialogue that lets in in imitation of accumulate ONE photo then textual content into the add zone.

Many Media Sources
Customers can upload their very own pictures after customizing their product beside multiple sources. With only, a not many clicks photographs do lie loaded among the manufacture designer structure convivial media accounts, kind of Facebook or Instagram, selected beyond plan classes, so thou grant yet uploaded beyond somebody device mobile and desktop. The following facts formats are supported.

Advanced Colour System

Customers perform stand given the consolation in imitation of pray some color that desires after separate layers using the coloration picker device and partial a predefined spread concerning colors to choose from. The coloration regarding one-of-a-kind textual content and photo layers do be linked, so so an alternate within color because of one desire stands mirrored because of the lousy elements. Of path, you perform also disable color preferences through the customer.

Text Transformations

Text factors may keep modified together with several options. You execute employ upon a very own font library using custom, dictation then Google fonts. You may also gender complicated textual content then petition an outline and pattern. Of course, standard modification choices kind of bold, italic, accentuate yet level are additionally supported. The plugin event allows limiting the number of characters or lines for a textual content element.


Texts, snapshots, or portraits do stay transformed along with more than a few options. Customers may exchange the position, size, rotation, then opacity. For images, a grayscale yet couple of special sepia filters can keep applying. You may additionally set bounding bins for elements, to that amount approves in conformity with customizing the manufacture solely within a fond area.

Various UI Layouts

The interface of the Product Designer may without problems stay modified to suit the web page and products. You may define the size, color, or position of the interface elements yourself and select one on the predefined layouts. You do also select the place the clothier wish display of the page or whether or not ye want the dressmaker after-show immediately about the page or show since they click on a button in a lightbox then about the page.

Modular structures

Fancy Product Designer focuses on modularity. Modules or actions execute be changed by your specific desires then products. You are fair in conformity with deciding, as factors then functions are available as nicely, namely their role or alignment.

Intelligent Price Adjustments

You pick or and as thy clients pay for. Material, colors, texts, snapshots, or snapshots can hold distinctive prices. You can relinquish an employ charge because every extra seam so nicely as like with the aid of ledge type and also because of extraordinary product views. So for example pictures of the again about a coat may want to cost extra or less than pictures regarding the front.

Advanced Idea Editor

The Advanced Image Editor allows performing singular pics efficiently. You can outline custom masks shapes fruit photographs yet via painting upon a rectangle. You execute also use different filters or manipulate unique color channels. Last but not least, you perform quote the ancient history over a bitmap picture into a bit of click.

Works of every device

In distinction in imitation of others, Fancy Product Designer is utterly compassionate then easy by uses on any device, sizeable or small, along dozens regarding options to personalize the look or sense concerning the plugin. Designing manufacture on a cell device presents equal performance as about a desktop.

Secure by translate

You are easily capable of imitation to translate the plugin of somebody’s language. To secure worldwide grade the plugin because WordPress yet WooCommerce is compatible along with WPML.