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Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Pay Per Word


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Product Version: 1.2
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

The Pay Per Word perk lets in thou to create production fields that count a total based on the wide variety concerning phrases among a Paragraph and Post Body field.

How does such work?
As the user types, the Pay Per Word functionality counts whether dense phrases bear been entered among the certain Paragraph then Post Body subject yet calculates (based on the distinctive cost care of word) whether a good deal the Pay Per Word product wish cost.

How slaves enable its functionality?
Open up the subject settings for the Single Product field for which thou would as in conformity with enable the Pay Per Word functionality.
Select the Perks tab.
Check the “Enable Pay Per Word” choice to allow and disclose extra settings because of this functionality.
Select the Post Body or Paragraph field for as the range over words to stand counted.
Note: If thou operate no longer see thy newly tooled discipline inside the dropdown then keep the structure or try that again.
Specify the quantity every word must Gather according to the production worth into the Price Per Word setting.
If ye would as according to allow an inferior worth (a embark charge because of the preceding “x” quantity regarding words), test the Enable Base Price option.
Specify the Base Price which is whether a good deal the forward “x” number concerning phrases should cost.
Specify the Base Word Count which is what many phrases are protected between the Base Price fee.