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Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Reload Form

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Product Version: 2.0.6
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

What does it do?
The Reload Form perk allows ye in conformity with consist of an exclusive hyperlink in your AJAX-enabled form’s confirmation news which, so clicked, will reload the structure to enable extra submissions barring a web page refresh. It additionally gives the ability after automatically reload the structure after a specified number regarding seconds.

I would strongly advise checking out the demo concerning its functionality in conformity with higher understands the one of a kind pieces referenced in the rest regarding its documentation.

How does such work?
When the form is in the beginning loaded, a reproduction on the unique form HTML is stored among a Javascript variable. After the structure is filed yet the exclusive reload hyperlink of the confirmation story is clicked, the stored shape HTML is chronic in imitation of changing the affirmation advice or reload the form. Now the shape is geared up according to remain facing again!

How functions I enable its functionality?
There are twain steps because of setting over that functionality because of the form.

Make definitive thy shape is AJAX-enabled. For instructions over embedding your Gravity Form yet enabling AJAX because of thy form, read here.
Include the {reload_form} merge tag among your affirmation tidings wherever you would like the reload hyperlink to appear.
The {reload_form} merge tag is reachable in the Confirmation Message’s Insert Merge Tag dropdown field. Open the dropdown and you please find the “Reload Form Link” alternative underneath the “Custom” options group. Selecting it alternative pleasure robotically enters the {reload_form} merge tag into the Confirmation Message textarea.

Automatically Reloading Your Form
It is also feasible in conformity with robotically reload your structure then a designated wide variety regarding seconds have passed. To allow that functionality, navigation in imitation of your shape settings and scroll under till you enter in accordance with the “GP Reload Form” section.