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Offer Your Price

Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹500.00.

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Product Version: 2.10.2
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

Offer Your PricenEveryone loves a helpful deal. And so you hold the ease in accordance with pick what after pay for a product, matters find also better! Offer Your Price lets ye propagate a ?pay as ye want?,?name you own price? and ?donation based? pricing system.nCustomers do both buy at the listed worth then redact an offer. If offered cost is higher than the minimal bidding value threshold you?ve set, provide is standard and patron is emailed a billet immediately. If not, a surface provide is despatched in conformity with the customer.nEverything is immediately yet automated. Set that as soon as and pass the cash registers roll!nse ?Offer Your Price? to?nGrow SalesnnThe opportunity according to come a favored production at decrease virtue triggers instinctive action.nStay ProfitablennUnlike common ?Pay What You Want? systems, Offer Your Price lets ye embark a unseen minimal price. This removes you hazard on construction losses?nMake Customers HappynnEliminate fear then buyer?s remorse, pass clients feel among control.nBuild TrustnnParticipative pricing, on the spot report and ticket delivers instantaneous gratification in accordance with customers.nTest and Validate PricingnnYou?ll rapidly find abroad where charge clients are inclined to pay. You perform after figure out ultimate pricing based totally over proper statistics ? as an alternative than a hunch!nAccept Donations CharitynnMembers perform make contributions some aggregate he want, so long as like it?s higher than your engage minimum.nCrowdfundingnnLet human beings capital thy new concept ? Offer Your Price does not provide whole the bells and whistles concerning a fulfilled exhausted bank funding system, however execute still remain chronic as a easy alternative.nBest PricennIf a client affords a cost up to expectation is too low, that is robotically partial the measly worth namely surface offer.nStop Nosy NegotiatorsnnA client may additionally edit solely certain provide because the product. If he tries after make some other offer, he will stay sent the end result concerning the authentic offer itself.nFeaturesnnFlexible pricing systemnAllows ye in conformity with put in a minimum total so much thou are willing according to acceptn>Link Offer Your Price to someone product typenMinimum aggregate is hidden beside customersnAccepts client offer and makes surface offer via e-mail automaticallynGenerates billet with bargain volume (product value minus provide price) automaticallynCustomize the text on the ?Offer Your Price? buttonnAdd a validity duration because the coupon wight generatednSet regulations according to provide varying bargain costs because exceptional manufacture price degrees