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Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder

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Product Version: 1.4.2
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

Super Bundle for WPBakery Page BuildernGet 20+ Plugins among 1 Addon ? the Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).nSupercharge you WordPress internet site along add-ons as Video then Parallax Background, Carousel Anything, Text Animation, then more. Find ALL our addons intestinal a individual addon!nSince 2014 we have been developing dozens about the best WPBakery Page Builder Addons or WordPress Plugins. We mixed the beneficial plugins within a individual giant then low cost addon so ye may mark together with you website.nImportant: You?ll want WPBakery Page Builder for it plugin to work. WPBakery Page Builder Super Bundle is also well matched together with Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder. This might no longer labor including themesplugins so modify WPBakery Page Builder heavily.nThe Super Bundle because WPBakery Page Builder gives thou the excellent collection about our almost finely tuned diagram elements and tools that intention supercharge you WPBakery Page Builder experience.nAnd we aren?t talking as regards the frequent enter kind of colored discreet boxes, then in another way styled headings.nWe?re speaking unique, environment friendly plugins including extraordinary capabilities, certain so the capacity to solve your rows including splendid curving separators, timed entrance animations, Macbook Pro mockups, or the potential to bear a preview in the backend WPBakery Page Builder executor as updates as much you modify your content.nWe?re speakme the strong stuff.nKick-Ass FeaturesnTurn regarding yet afar purposes namely ye need them.nBackground EffectsnTake you pick out beside the plugin?s distinct historical past effects to become shiny up thy site: Parallax Background which strikes up, down, left and right, Video Backgrounds from YouTube yet Vimeo, Hover Backgrounds, Color Cycle backgrounds and Background Gradients.nnOption in conformity with engage parallax route according to up, down, left and rightnAdd shade overlays according to you backgroundsnJust reproduction yet paste a Youtube yet Vimeo hyperlink in conformity with flip such within a backgroundnSimply add some picture or we?ll make it slope yet career atop hovernColor wheel background overlaynAdjust the colour cycle?s speed hence it moves quick and slownYou may usage unique historical past outcomes or combine themnnRow SeparatorsnEmphasize thine content material with 70+ tier separator designs for thine internet pages. Add contrasts of consolidated and photo historical past rows by way of adding funky separators in them.nn70+ customizable, extraordinary SVG rank separator designsnTop & backside separatorsnScale separators vertically and pop to them horizontallynAdd outlines or regulate their coloration then thicknessnOption after add thine own SVG rank separator designsnnRow Scroll Entrance AnimationsnAdd outstanding effects of your rows and content; hold them fly in from distinct directions namely it run up the view, and choose beside dozens of our other animations. Give your web page a interactive spin as much thine visitors scroll thru thy page.nn13 Entrance Animationsn14 Exit AnimationsnHandles current WPBakery Page Builder?s Row SettingsnPure Javascript is chronic for speed, no jQuerynDisables of mobile gadgets for faster page loadingnnVideo LightboxnAdd video and image thumbnails to that amount now clicked opens a substantial video lightbox popup.nnYouTube, Vimeo yet Self-Hosted WEBM & MP4 video popupsnUse photo or video thumbnailsnLarge fullscreen-size video lightboxnnSVG Draw Animation EffectsnUpload you own SVGs or animate to them in imitation of seem to be as they?re life broad onto you website.nnAnimates SVGs using a ?live drawing? effectnConverts SVGs among outlinesnChange SVG slaughter outline color yet thicknessnChoose out of 3 unique brush augmentation styles: Delayed, Simultaneous, then One by way of OnennText Animation EffectsnDecorate your website online along charming headlines using typewriter, scrambler, fade, random letter, vertical flip, yet vanish text animations.nn6 special text effectsnInput extraordinary words then conjoin timing because textual content appearancesnAdd a couple of consequences within a unaccompanied pagenAdjust textual content color, size, then morennNumber Count UpnAdd an entry animation in imitation of thine numbers, to redact to them matter upper when he turn out to be visible over your screen.nnSimple yet handy according to makes use of elastic depend on numbernAdd a direction then descriptionnChange font volume then colour regarding the matter upnChange font quantity and color about headings then descriptionsnAdd prefixes yet suffixes like decimals, proportion signs then currency symbolsnn12,000+ SVG IconsnEasily search and use thousands regarding SVGvector icons for you website, then utilizes to them as standalone icons or interior buttons.nnOver 12,000 SVG iconsnOption after Gather hyperlinks in imitation of icons andor place icons in buttonsnCustomizable background shapes & define styles because every iconsnOption in conformity with add buoyant effects your iconsnnCarousel AnythingnCreate carousels out regarding posts, alone and grouped images, text, buttons,anything ? or show off to them in accordance with hand over you internet site a elegant kick.nnPlace somebody thing of carousel, as text, photos, videos, or also;nTestimonials, mockups, icons, widgets?anything.nCreate carousel because posts and customized post sorts including 2 preset styles: lucid then some that makes use of the featured photo as like the heritagennGoogle FontsnEasily select beside entire 800+ Google Fonts for you headings then everyday textual content care of row yet column. No longer choice thou be constrained with the aid of your theme?s default.nnAll 800+ Google Fonts without difficulty reachable at thy WordPress backendnPreview on every fonts whilst pickingnNo limits from external subject matters then pluginsnnDevice Image, Video yet Slider MockupsnPlace you pics in desktop, tablet, and mobile mockups and smoke thy pick out beside special customizable ones.nnWrap pictures yet videos between phone, laptop, browser, yet computing device mockupsn40+ High-Resolution gadget mockups to choose fromnApple (iPhone, Macbook, or more), Samsung, or HTC mockups reachable in one of a kind colorsnSimply upload pics and enter video identification from Youtube & Vimeo in imitation of place of a mockupnOption according to show only partial mockups because of diagram effectsnnHero belief BoxesnShowcase you images in stylish, interactive boxes including clear delay effects. Perfect proviso thou need according to relinquish thine page sketch a enjoyable spin.nn30 beautiful, interactive designsnFast or hyper-smooth CSS animationsnOption after conjoin single hero container then brim on peer boxesnAdd coloration yet glow in imitation of hero boxesnnLoupe: uptake Magnify ElementnLoupe: Idea Magnify Element or Loupe adds an interactive magnifying glass regarding your webpage, who is sizeable because gazing the finer small print about pictures then text. Perfect for product-based websites.nnInteractive; carry alongside thine photograph to magnifynChoose beyond click-and-drag and hovernChoose into round and rectangular loupesnCustomizable size, color, opacity and thicknessnAdd shadows yet sparkling effects according to you loupenAdd differently-styled loupes concerning thy pagennBefore yet After view SlidernDisplay an interactive slider for displaying before and after pics about top over every other. Great because of earlier than or below shots, then because showcasing improvements.nnPerfect because of showcasing ?Before & After? photos for redesign or make-over scenariosnSupports vertical or straight splits, and also diagonal then angular splits?a advance for WPBakery Page Builder photograph slidersnOption in imitation of pass via hover, click on & stretch out and volume barnAdjust slider shade then widthnSet starting point for slidernMix or healthy you chosen settingsnnIsometric conceit TilesnPlace pix in beautiful isometric tiles and enhance thy website?s aesthetic. The tiles perform be useful as nicely or action as like hyperlinks according to other pages yet posts.nn10 isometric layouts: squares, squares arrow, rectangles, rectangles arrow, alone square, squares layered, yet morenHoverable & clickablenOption in conformity with conjoin links after thine tilesnChange thy slope angle, side colors, tile size, gaps, yet morenAuto-resize pics in imitation of in shape into tilesnBreak out parent containers yet danger the whole page widthnnCSS Animator ContainernAdd special rows as animate the whole lot intimate them. Create extra complicated ingress animations according to similarly add style among your pages.nn40 CSS Entrance Animationsn7 CSS Loop AnimationsnAnimate individual or a couple of elementsnAdjustable development duration & delaysnOption in accordance with hain animations togethernAdd delays then period your animationsnIncludes completed clear fieldsnnHover Animations because of Rows yet ContentnBeautify you web page then create elaborate effects because of thine rows or content so much animate upon hover. You may tussock more than one hover animations collectively so apply simultaneously then hovered on.nn10+ tier heritage delay animationsn8+ factor delay animationsnChange textual content color, vanish in, absorb out, movement up, down, left, right, decrease or grownOption in accordance with flip thy complete range of a linknCustomizable: tweak one-of-a-kind excitation houses as haze or bevel amountnnFree view Search (Unsplash, Flickr, Pixabay, Giphy, 500px)nSearch yet down load images directly beside the WordPress Media Manager. You may inquire and down load pictures while editing thy content in the WPBakery Page Builder executive without leaving.nnSearch uninterrupted snap shots beyond Unsplash, Flickr, Pixabay. Giphy, then 500pxnIntegrates immediately in the WordPress Media ManagernAutomatic attributions when chronic namely featured imagesnFilter because non-commercialcommercialno-attribution imagesnShows white statistics in relation to every photonShows badges about one-of-a-kind approve requirementsnnBackend WPBakery Page Builder Live PreviewnNot entire addons are like minded of the frontend WPBakery Page Builder editor, and a lot concerning people pick the backend editor. With Backend WPBakery Page Builder Live Preview, you?ll stay in a position to view the modifications that you function stay whilst between the WPBakery Page Builder backend editor. No want in imitation of keep come upon the preview button or switching tabs after view you changes.nnLive preview of thy page in WPBakery Page Builder?s backend editornPreview updates together with each and every trade thou performnRenders shortcodes even out of third-party WPBakery Page Builder addons barring somebody problemsnIntegrates directly including WPBakery Page Builder?s perfect dignity backend modenNo additional configurationnToggle among desktop, tablet, or phone honor resolutionsnnBackend WPBakery Page Builder Undo or RedonIncrease you productiveness through the usage of our undo then redo buttons in the backend WPBakery Page Builder editor. You execute also use shortcut keys CTRL+Z then CTRL+Y (CMD+Z yet CMD+SHIFT+Z among Mac).nnEasy to get admission to bare and redo buttonsnEasy-access shortcut keys: Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y because Windows, yet Cmd + Z or Cmd + Shift + Z because MacnStill on hand too then publishingsavingreloading the pagenShortcut keys whole labor namely lengthy as much you cursor is targeted regarding the windownBrowser-saved undoredo historynnSmooth Mouse ScrollnBy default, mouse circle scrolling is jumpy and perform degrade the consequences over parallax backgrounds yet CSS access animations. Now, ye perform have smooth mouse halo scrolling throughout thine site.nnSmooth scrolls sordid scrollable elements kind of textual content areas or divsnDisables itself mechanically on mobile units for quicker experiencenWorks with trackpadsnNormalized scroll amount throughout every browsers