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Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

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Product Version: 6.8
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPressnTimetable is a husky then easy-to-use agenda plugin because of WordPress.nIt choice help you in conformity with gender a timetable discriminate over you occasions among minutes! It is perfect for you gymnasium classes, faculty or kindergarten, clinical departments, nightclubs then pubs, category schedules, junket plans, ye name it.nTimetable comes including reserving functionality. You may bust on line reservations for somebody event within the reachable range regarding arbitrary slots. The plugin comes with Events Manager, outgrowth Occurrences Shortcode, Timetable Shortcode Generator then Upcoming Events Widget. It also has an alternative so much approves you in accordance with grow PDF from thine timetable view.nWHAT IS NEW?nnEvents Booking ? Take Online Reservations because of Any Event Within the Available Number concerning Free Slots (to Set Up because of an Event).nGenerate a PDF beside the Timetable View.nFull Support for Visual Composer.nAbility in conformity with Use Colors in Responsive Mode.nnExtended Feature ListnnBuild a Timetable In Minutes!n100% Responsive yet Mobile CompatiblenWith Booking Functionality ? the Ability in conformity with Book Selected EventsnExport after PDFnUnlimited Timetables, Events And Occurrences Of EventsnGrouping Of Events That Occur In The Same Time IntervalsnEvent TooltipsnEvent FilteringnSupport for Visual ComposernWeekdays Menu Allows To Translate Weekday Names To Your LanguagenEventsnnEvents In a Form Of Custom Post Type With Ability To Define Title, Subtitle And Description ContentnAbility To Define Custom resultant Colors Including HoversnAbility To Define Custom URL For An EventnAbility To Disable Event URL (Create Unclickable Events)nUnlimited Number Of outgrowth Occurrences (Event Hours)nAbility To Define Weekday, Start End Hour For Each Event Occurrence (Event Hours)nTwo Additional Description Fields For Each outgrowth Occurrence (Event Hours) With HTML SupportnOptional Tooltip Description Field For Each work Occurrence (Event Hours) With HTML SupportnOptional Category Field For Each work Occurrence (Event Hours)nAbility To perform Delete outgrowth Occurrences With EasennnTimetable Shortcode GeneratornnAbility To Choose The Events That Are To Be Displayed In TimetablenAbility To Choose Hour Categories That Are To Be Displayed In Timetable (e.g. Only Morning Or Night Events)nAbility To Choose Weekdays That Are To Be Displayed In TimetablenChoose Between Dropdown Menu and Tabs For resultant Filtering MenunDefine Custom Text Label For All EventsnCustom Time Formats To Choose From Including 1224 Hour FormattingnAbility To Hide Column With HoursnAbility To Show Only Start Hour Or Both Start And End Hour In Timetablen3 Different Layouts For outgrowth DisplayingnAbility To Hide Rows Without Events In TimetablenAbility To Disable outgrowth URL In Timetable (Nonclickable Events)nCustom Text Align For outgrowth DisplayingnUnlimited Timetables On A Single Page Via Id?snCustomizable Row Height In PixelsnResponsive Mode On Off SettingnLive Shortcode Generator ? Just Copy Generated Shortcode And Paste It To Your PostnAbility To make Existing Shortcode Snippets ? Just Copy Shortcode From Your Post And Paste It To Shortcode Generator Under Settings TimetablennnUpcoming Events WidgetnnDisplay Today Upcoming Events Or All Upcoming In A Form Of Scrollable ListnAbility To Define Number Of Events To DisplaynAbility To Define Custom Time FormatnServer Time Or Database Time BasednSupport For TimezonenAuto Scroll FeaturenBuild-In Color PickernnnBuild-In Color PickernnAbility To Choose A Color For resultant BackgroundnAbility To Choose A Color For outgrowth Description Text And HoursnAbility To Choose A Color For Background And Text HoversnAbility To Choose A Color For Timetable Odd Even RowsnAbility To Choose A Color For Filterable MenunnnFont ConfiguratornnAbility To Enter a Custom Font NamenAbility To Choose From a Google Font Library With Hundreds Of Fonts To Choose FromnFont Size ConfiguratornnnValid HTML5 CodenCrossbrowser CompatiblenDocumentation Included