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Ultimate Member myCRED

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Product Version: 2.2.1
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

Ultimate Member myCREDnmyCREDnWith our myCRED extension, wage and value you users because the use of Ultimate Member services then doing scheme updates then exhibit theirs rank yet badges fantastically within theirs user profile.nmyCRED is an adaptive points management system because of WordPress powered websites, grant you perfect rule about how factors are gained, used, traded, managed, logged or presented.nnnnnnnnKey FeaturesnnReward users because of updating sketch photonReward customers for updating profilenReward users because of signing above and logging in accordance with you sitenCharge customers because of disposing of scheme photonLimit the variety on rewardscharges over particular actionnCredits and costs taken through Ultimate Member are properly logged in myCREDnAllow unique user roles in imitation of ship balance in imitation of mean customers from UM score web page (Transfer points in conformity with mean members)nDisplay person stability within their tab pagenDisplay consumer balance, badges, or job concerning their profilenDisplay user progress bar beautifully concerning their profilenShow every myCRED badges within scheme account (optional)