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White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite

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Product Version:
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

White Label Branding for WordPress MultisitenAre you strolling a WordPress Multisite Network? Are you a WordPress developer and a Web Designer who uses WordPress in imitation of strengthen websites because of you clients?nHave you constantly wished so much that was less difficult in imitation of customize the menu?s and logo?s about each sub-site of thy WordPress Multisite Network? Would you like in conformity with hand over each sub-site the potential in imitation of functionate theirs very own branding? Look no further!nThis plugin let you limit the branding of the main site then whole sub-sites between a community of websites powered by WordPress Multisite.nYou be able beget a international template with branding or menu customization up to expectation all sub-sites of the community will keep using. Or ye can allow every sub-site between the network to propagate their personal branding or personalize theirs menus because of the Editor role. You additionally hold whole rule over whole User Roles or Capabilities.nReplace the WordPress emblem beyond the log-in chastity then dashboard including thy personal identity yet too you client?s. Add custom dashboard metabox viewable only according to Editors and every users including you very own appointment news then help.nWhite Label Branding because of WordPress Multisite is also tested on WordPress 4.7.5.nPlease note that postulate thou are the use of a Single Site WordPress set up ye necessity the White Label Branding for WordPress.nList on featuresnDashboard ToolnnCreate an endless wide variety about Custom Dashboard Metaboxes along the Dashboard Tool. If ye bear our Pages by User Role because of WordPress plugin you execute assimilate Access Control to every Metabox. This makes such possible in conformity with completely customize whichever will parley every Metabox (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber). Please note to that amount customized dashboard metaboxes will solely show over over the main site. You bear a Public, Editor then Administrator metabox, who will show up of sub-sites.nnBrandingnnEnable Branding (Updated for WordPress 3.5.1)nAdd your very own FaviconnReplace ?W? logo along your personal logo.nSet screen about logonAdd custom hyperlink in conformity with you very own header logonAdd Developer Logo (Footer)nAdd Developer NamenAdd Developer URLnRemove ?WordPress? out of titlenHide replace slur messagenHide replace download linknHide Contextual HelpnHide Screen OptionsnHide Favorite ActionsnHide WordPress version quantity out of footernSet custom From Email AddressnSet custom Email From NamenAdd Public Dashboard Metabox viewable through every users; Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor yet AdministratornAdd Private Dashboard Metabox only viewable through EditorsnAdd Private Dashboard Metabox solely viewable by means of AdministratorsnUse HTML yet Shortcodes between the Custom Dashboard BoxesnRemove WordPress Dashboard Widgets on-by-onenRemove Custom Dashboard Widgets introduced by other pluginsnnNavigationnnHide Top-level Menus (Dynamic generated listing that shows entire the menus relying concerning who plugins ye have installed).nHide Sub-level Menus (Dynamic generated list up to expectation suggests all the menus relying on who plugins you have installed).nSort (Re-order) the Top-level Menus through effortless drag or decrease interface.nHide single objects among the Admin Bar (can also remain based regarding User Roles yet Capabilities)nHide the Admin BarnHide the Admin Bar Setting out of profilenNEW: Rename bill between wp-adminnNEW: Change menu icons among wp-admin (type face retina support)nnSceen OptionsnnSet Default Screen Layout because of entire usersnSet Default Screen Layout by usernRemove Individual Screen OptionsnnLoginnnEnable Login Screen CustomizationnAdd Custom Login Screen Logo (optional attract yet drop upload)nSet Custom Login Screen Logo OpacitynAdd Custom Login Screen Background uptake (optional pull yet decay upload)nCSS Settings because of Background (background-attachments, background-color, background-position, background-repeat)nEnable Login Form CustomizationnSet the position regarding the Login FormnAdd Custom Login Form Background imagenCSS Settings because Login Form Background (background-attachments, background-color, background-position, background-repeat, opacity, shade because labels, font size, answer width, resemble style, resemble color, corner radius for login form, structure shadow, position, blur, size, enter textual content fields, color, border, shadow, opacity, submit button, color, font color)nEnable Advanced Settings (create your own login template)nSmaller Window, Alternate Template (support because iPhone, iPad then Smartphones)nBackup you Custom Login Templates (import uninterrupted Downloadable Content)nnColor SchemennResources (Alternate wp-admin Icons. Add you personal Stylesheet or Icons)nEnable Custom Color Scheme for wp-adminnMenu Color Customization (11 one-of-a-kind settings to that amount perform remain changed)nContent Area Customization (5 different settings to that amount do be changed)nMetaboxes, Widgets or Tables Customization (8 unique settings as can keep changed)nTables (widefat) Customization (6 special settings to that amount perform keep changed)nAdmin Header (Screen Options, Contextual Help) Customization (5 specific settings so execute be changed)nMessages Customization (9 extraordinary settings as may be changed)nForms Customization (2 exceptional settings that may stay changed)nPrimary Buttons Customization (9 distinct settings so be able remain changed)nSecondary Buttons Customization (10 one-of-a-kind settings up to expectation can stay changed)nPost, Page yet Custom Post Types perform Screen Customization (7 special settings that do stay changed)nThe Editor (default TinyMCE) customization (5 exceptional settings so much perform stay changed)nBackup Custom Color SchemesnnOptionsnnAdvanced SettingsnEnable Role or Capability ManagernHide Administrator User Role structure the customers listnEnable Custom Dashboard ToolnSettings, Import or Export (easily backup world settings then inhalant world settings)