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WooCommerce Advanced Quantity

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Product Version: 3.0.3
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

WooCommerce Advanced QuantitynComplete Quantity ControlnThe WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin lets thou rule or the quantity discipline because merchandise is working.nRight now (v. 1.5.6) ye perform alternate the minimal price over the content field, you may set a most value, thou do trade the inside in every step in the quantity field, ye do set a par price for the content fields or thou be able accumulate a cost suffix.nThis gives thou a tussock of chances to control the quantity concerning every manufacture so much a purchaser be able buy.nAllow Decimal QuantitynYou may permit decimal numbers so volume (ideal because of stores that sells food, cloth then ignoble products reasonable by way of poise or lengthheight ? portion goods). For example, permit your clients after buy a tenth about a product; 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ?, then solely pass to them purchase partly products: 0.5, 1, 1,5, ?.nControl the Intermission within every StepnYou perform figure out an breast between every steps, permitting you in accordance with limit how much much merchandise the purchaser has in imitation of buy at a time (ideal because shops including merchandise packed between programs containing x products every ? packed products). For example, redact absolute so the client solely buyes 5, 10, 15, ? pieces of the product.nSet the Minimum QuantitynYou can pressure a minimal sum a client has in imitation of buy (ideal because wholesale retail outlets ? size products). For example, accept the minimal worth according to x potential your clients has in imitation of buy at least 10 portions concerning the product.nSet the maximum quantitynYou execute control how much of a product, so a consumer perform purchase about each order (Ideal for restrained offers). For example, put in the maximum worth in accordance with 30 means, so a patron be able solely buy 30 over as manufacture among certain order.nSet a Standard ValuenYou may put in a grade value because the amount fields. For example, setting the value worth in conformity with 7 ability the volume fields shows 7, however you be able nonetheless purchase much less and extra than 7.nSet a Price SuffixnYou be able embark a cost suffix. This is a text, that pleasure lie displayed behind the price. For example, setting the virtue suffix in accordance with ?pr. kg.? will exhibit so much text behind the price.