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WP Ultimate BAN Users

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Product Version: 1.5.7
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

WP Ultimate BAN UsersnThe Ultimate BAN Users WordPress Plugin is the final plugin you?ll permanently necessity for managing get admission to after you WordPress site yet moderatingremoving users? content. Ban existing users indefinitely or by date time, deny registrations based on banned ipsemailscountries. Catpure IPGeodataBrowserDevice facts then much, a whole lot more?.nSummary over Ultimate BAN Users Features:nnBan present WordPress users from logging innOption to embargo user?s remaining acknowledged IP address at the same time as banning login accountnView insightful information about users? devices, browsers, yet activitynIdentify probably shared money owed (accessed beside more than one sources)nBan users indefinitely, by day, week, month or till a distinctive date timenDeny traffic beyond registering based totally on emailip addresscountry codenQuickly turn off WordPress features certain as commenting, and registering accountsnDashboard with graphs displaying associated statsnAudit chock showing complete match data.nOption in imitation of temporarilyor early and late disable non-admin loginsnOption to hinder admin logins to set dayshours on the weeknView user?s closing login records beside the non-appearance WordPress customers tablenEnhanced security with alternative after conceal failed login oblivion messagesnAwesome UI along complete settingsnBulk exchange the repute concerning banned users? posts (i.e. according to draft)nCapture and try cause because of banning usersnSpam obstruction settings because blockading undesirable loginsregistrationsnInclude snippets of customized cssjs among headerfooternAutomated notifications because logins then accessed out of current ip addressnSend notification when any one logs of with an administrative accountnSend customized e mail notifications, which include CC, BCC fieldsnTAG guide between custom emails in imitation of attach main data.nForce banned users in conformity with logout, or redirect themnCapture IPGeodata all through logins, inc. Mobile DetectionnView IPGeodatabanned statusactivitybrowser & device detailsnPrevent users publishing content along banned keywordsphrasesnEasily square banned usersipsemailscountry codesnView banned users into a solve desk because of effortless managementnMonitoring instant posts, through sending notification when user publishes preceding postnDisplay turn quit notifications in conformity with customers when bannednEnhanced security according to avoid Ban User privilege accessnSend WARNING emails in imitation of customers together with custom messagesnAwesome smooth icons as like preferences in accordance with textual content based totally linksnModal popup because of sending custom messages, with textarea instead concerning text fieldnFor developers, we encompass ShortcodesnSupports Ultimate Member PluginnSupport for Accessibility Screen Readers