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WPMU DEV Site Categories

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Product Version:
Product Last Updated : 15-12-2021
License: GPL

WPMU DEV Site CategoriesnEasily sort websites regarding your multisite network with Site Categories!nOrganize sites into classes yet perform it less complicated because customers after enquire and discover modern content material about your community including Site Categories.nSuper-Charge Core StructurenSite Categories adds a new stage about flexibility yet monitoring in accordance with Multisite growing a more connected network experience for thine users.nPerfect because of an e-commerce mall, education network and blog community.nMake Your Network More NetworkynGive website directors the ability in accordance with pick related categories at signup. Create as like deep classes namely you want according to best arrange thy network.nCreate a simpler greater stunning navigation experience together with site descriptions and avatars.nDisplay OptionsnBuilt-in List, Grid, Dropdown and Accordion style settings let you in shape anybody style.nBoth unordered yet order options, furnish power or versatility because of making the best layout for thy network.nSet category page display options including customized category icons, class descriptions, websites care of page then what web page titles show including a custom prefix.n3 Included WidgetsnThis plugin comes packaged including iii widgets for herbal integration.nnSite classes listnCategories astronaut widgetnList websites out of a singular categorynnA Better MultisitenCreate a extra searchable network and hand over your users extra control. Categories amplify the monitoring about Multisite by means of building sites simpler in conformity with discover.nFeatures ListnnMake it less complicated after navigate you networknnCustom category iconsnDisplay site avatarsnNested categoriesnSelect custom landing pagenDisplay particularly URLsnCustomize user category choice optionsnCategory excludenDisplay as like an ordered listnDisplay as an unordered listnAccordion list optionnGrid layoutnDropdown menunShow category website online countnShow class descriptionnAdd category choose in imitation of website signupnSimple category management interfacenCategory pick because of every sitenSite descriptions